Show Only Selected Variant Images
Show Only Selected Variant Images $199.00
If you are required to show prices with taxes included by your government laws and restriction but want your international customers to pay less than the VAT-included price then there's no problem. All that needs to be done is provide two different prices which one will be for local shoppers and another solely aimed towards that outside of the country - they'll understand immediately!
Add pre-order buttons on out of stock products
Add pre-order buttons on out of stock products $99.00
You should never let the words "Temporarily Out of Stock" hold you back from capturing sales. Pre-orders are a hot commodity and customers will wait patiently for your most sought after items, so don't miss out on this opportunity!
Custom Product Inscription Integration
Custom Product Inscription Integration $299.00
Some of your products may be customizable. Having a custom product inscription integration is the way to go. It triggers a field for the customer to add their desired inscription.
Add a size chart pop-up
Add a size chart pop-up $199.00
The problem with apparel is that there's no standard size. The best way to resolve this? A sizing chart! It'll help you convert more customers and make sure their items fit perfectly.
Add a minimum order amount
Add a minimum order amount $199.00
With this feature, you can choose to keep a minimum order amount and integrate it into your checkout page. By setting up a minimum order amount, you can encourage your customers to buy more from your store.
Add a
Add a "get a quote" form and hide price $199.00
If you provide any custom products or services that need to be quoted, this is for you.You can replace the "add to cart" button with a "get a quote" button. The button will trigger a form for the customers to reach you and send you all their questions.  

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