New font Installation
New font Installation $99.00
Shopify has a limited font library. If you'd like something that stands out or fits more your brand. With this task, we can add a custom font to your theme.*Make sure to know that you need to provide the font file yourself or give us a way to download the file easily.
Show Only Selected Variant Images
Show Only Selected Variant Images $199.00
If you are required to show prices with taxes included by your government laws and restriction but want your international customers to pay less than the VAT-included price then there's no problem. All that needs to be done is provide two different prices which one will be for local shoppers and another solely aimed towards that outside of the country - they'll understand immediately!
Add delivery date picker on cart
Add delivery date picker on cart $299.00
If your business needs customers to book delivery times, then make sure that your customers can easily specify their preferred date on the calendar.
Filter customization with Swatches
Filter customization with Swatches $299.00
The filtering options allow buyers to narrow down their search by attributes and specifications, making the experience easier for the customers.
Wishlist integration
Wishlist integration $299.00
Wishlist makes it easier than ever for your customers to save their favorite items. Now, they can view them all in one place and it makes the shopping experience more convenient for them. They can save their loved items for later.
Custom Product Inscription Integration
Custom Product Inscription Integration $299.00
Some of your products may be customizable. Having a custom product inscription integration is the way to go. It triggers a field for the customer to add their desired inscription.
Add quick view option on cards
Add quick view option on cards $299.00
This feature makes it easy for customers to learn more about your products without having to visit the product page. It's a very user-friendly design that can make your customer's life easier.
Add a size chart pop-up
Add a size chart pop-up $199.00
The problem with apparel is that there's no standard size. The best way to resolve this? A sizing chart! It'll help you convert more customers and make sure their items fit perfectly.
Add a minimum order amount
Add a minimum order amount $199.00
With this feature, you can choose to keep a minimum order amount and integrate it into your checkout page. By setting up a minimum order amount, you can encourage your customers to buy more from your store.
Add subcollections to your Shopify Store
Add subcollections to your Shopify Store $199.00
Shopify doesn't support subcollections natively, which can be quite frustrating for lots of Shopify store owners. With the subcollection implementation, we can create a page with a list of collections to recreate a subcollection experience for your customers.
Discount code on cart page Customization
Discount code on cart page Customization $199.00
Giving customers the option to add a coupon code before checkout is important, as most don't want to click through without applying it first. Giving them a discount field on the cart page solves this problem.
Add a
Add a "get a quote" form and hide price $199.00
If you provide any custom products or services that need to be quoted, this is for you.You can replace the "add to cart" button with a "get a quote" button. The button will trigger a form for the customers to reach you and send you all their questions.  
Script/Snippet Installation
Script/Snippet Installation $99.00
Lots of apps required scripts or snippets to be added to your theme files for various purposes. It can also be tools like Google Tag Manager or Facebook Pixel. This task is for Shopify store owners that need assistance in those installations.
Buy now Pay later app Integration
Buy now Pay later app Integration $99.00
Customers can get a buy now, pay later plan (BNPL) on the online store so they have an option to buy items with a credit plan. Multiples apps offer this functionality.Most of them require the installation of a banner on the product page.

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